Friday, 2 December 2016

Samsung the Beast

Samsung is one of the definite leaders from the pack when it comes to building outstanding, well designed and feature rich 4K Ultra HD TVs. General, a number of Samsung ultra HIGH DEFINITION TV models, particularly the ones from the SUHD line are usually what we would consider to become some of the finest 4K super HD LCD TVs offered to date and in general it is a company whose 4K Televisions definitely please their customers far more than they dissatisfy them. For 2016, all of us saw this trend upon Samsung’s part to continue using the advent of even further refinements for their newest models.
Samsung’s 4K ultra HD TVs to begin with offer a rich list of regular connectivity, color, contrast, upscaling and smart TV functions which are generally known to be exceptional within the quality at which they carry out and whether you want top quality display, excellent color, excellent future proofed connectivity or perhaps a very fine smart TELEVISION platform, very few of this company’s models disappoint on the whole.
Samsung’s 4K ultra HIGH DEFINITION TV lineup for 2015 and in particular for 2016 is made up mainly of two various classes of 4K Televisions. These are the SUHD high quality 4K UHD TVs plus right after them in terms of common prestige, the 4K UHD 2016 KU-series 4K Televisions and their 2015 equivalent, the JU-Series 4K UHD TVs, which are all nevertheless on sale. The 2016 SUHD models, which consist of the particular KS-9 Series and KS-8 Series TVs. Among the KS-9 Series, there are the bent KS9500 and the otherwise similar flat-screened KS9000, and the exact same is the case for the KS-8 models, with a curved KS8500 along with a flat screened KS8000. For the KU-Series TVs with regard to 2016, there are four brand new main TVs as well. They are also divided into 2 pairs of TVs along with one flat and one bent version which are identical in most other specs among one another. Thus, you have the KU7500 curved 4K UHD TELEVISION along with its flat edition the KU7000 and then somewhat lower down in display quality, the particular curved KU7500 along with the flat version the KU7000.
Among the above-mentioned models, which usually we’ll go into more fine detail on shortly, the 2016 SUHD televisions are the just TVs that come with genuine HDR compatibility and also the only Televisions which offer quantum dot colour enhancement. The JU-Series Televisions and 2016 KU-Series versions offer a sort of limited HDR for contrast and maximum brightness but not to the exact same caliber as the top rack 2015 SUHD models or even all the 2016 SUHD Televisions, which are all certified along with “Ultra HD Premium” HDR specs as stipulated from the UHD Alliance.

Samsung 4K TV models from 2014 are also still available for sale, especially with many online retailers but the primary TVs in the company’s selection this year consist of their SUHD KS-Series TVs and their own KU-Series non-SUHD models. Using the 2015 SUHD TVs within the JS-Series and the 2015 4K UHD TV JU-Series becoming the main sellers and greatest Samsung TVs out on the marketplace right now.We’ve reviewed numerous models from all Samsung lines and the SUHD versions and JU TVs are well represented on 4K. com.

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