Friday, 2 December 2016

LG ELECTRONICS Finally Promises to Fix the OLED and LCD 4K TV HDR Gaming Insight Lag Problem

As we along with a number of other tech watchers had initially reported, LG’s 4K OLED and FLAT SCREEN TVs ended up suffering from a significant flaw when it came to with them for 4K UHD system gaming with HDR allowed. Specifically, the company’s 2015 and 2016 4K HDR TV models couldn’t find a way to deliver HDR with the lower input lag they are usually capable of delivering in their Sport Mode settings. Instead, players who wanted to enjoy the wealthy visual impact of high powerful range while playing system games from the Xbox 1 S or the PlayStation four Pro were (and up to now still remain) stuck with a lot slower, input lags associated with 50, 60 or even more milliseconds. For competitive gamers particularly, this is something of a small disaster.

Input lag may be the time delay between each time a TV receives instructions to improve image data on the display and when it really does this. Thus should you be using a controller, the insight lag is what dictates exactly how quickly elements on a TV’s display change according to exactly what you’re trying to do. Within LG’s OLED and FLAT SCREEN TVs and especially in their 4K models with both display sorts, the input lag significantly bogs down if higher dynamic range is allowed for gaming, to the point exactly where gamers have set up not only one but two petitions to LG so far in the website change. org.

In the beginning LG was rather incredibly elusive on this whole issue great it seems that the gaming community’s complaints have been taken seriously as well as the company has confirmed it will be rolling out the firmware update which is likely to address the HDR lag problem in its select TELEVISION models.

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